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Evaluation Boards

Characterization Boards:

Part NumberDescriptionVMax
CompatibilityProduct ImageAvailability
GA100SBJT12-FR4Double-Pulse Switching Board1200100SiC and Si Switches


Reference Design Boards:

Part NumberDescriptionVIN
VIso Supply
VIso Signal
Product ImageGerber FilesAvailability
GA03IDDJT30-FR4Gate Driver - High Speed, Low Power12500050005
GA15IDDJT22-FR4Gate Driver - High Speed, High Power12-500027


Application Notes:


Technical Articles:

Trade Journals

May 14, 2015 - Compound Semi Online
GeneSiC Begins Offering SiC Junction Transistor-Diodes

July 29, 2013 - Driving SiC Switches - from Compound Semiconductor Magazine (Pg 41)
SJTs offer IGBT-driver compatible operation

June 19, 2013 - Bodo's Power System Publishes Editorial article from GeneSiC (Pg 16)
Driving and Using Emerging SiC Switches

March, 2012 - Compound Semiconductor Magazine (Pg 33)
SiC Electronics: Exploiting High Temperature Promises

February, 2012 - Bodo's Power Systems (Pg 44)
Silicon Carbide Thyristors usher in the Smart Grid Revolution

February, 2012 - Power Electronics Technology
SiC: A Rugged Power Semiconductor Compound To Be Reckoned With

November, 2011 - Power Electronics Technology (Pg 21)
SiC “Super” Junction Transistors Offer Breakthrough High Temp Performance

July, 2011 - Power Electronics Technology (Pg 36)
1200 V/100 A Si IGBT/SiC Diode Copack Cuts Switching Losses