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GeneSiC’s G3R™ SiC MOSFETs feature industry leading performance in high-voltage switching to harness never before seen levels of efficiency, high temperature operation and system reliability.


  • G3R™ Technology for +15 V / – 5 V Gate Drive
  • Superior QG x RDS(ON) Figure of Merit
  • Low Gate Charge and Device Capacitances
  • Low Conduction Losses at High Temperature
  • Superior Avalanche and Short Circuit Ruggedness
  • Normally-off Stable Operation up to 175°C
  • Fast and Reliable Body Diode
  • Optimized Packaging with Kelvin Source Connection


  • Superior Cost-Performance Index
  • Increased Power Density for Compact System
  • Low Internal RG for High Switching Frequency Operation
  • Reduced Losses for Higher System Efficiency
  • Minimized Gate Ringing
  • Improved Thermal Capabilities
  • Simple to Drive
  • Ease of Paralleling without Thermal Runaway


  • Electric Vehicles – Power Train and Charging
  • Solar Inverters and Energy Storage
  • Smart Grid and HVDC
  • Motor Drives
  • High Voltage DC-DC and AC-DC Converters
  • Induction Heating and Welding
  • Switched Mode Power Supplies
  • Pulsed Power Applications


On Resistance, RDS(ON)Bare ChipTO-263-7TO-247-3TO-247-4
15 mΩG3R15MT06-CAL G3R15MT06D G3R15MT06K
60 mΩG3R60MT06J G3R60MT06D G3R60MT06K



On Resistance, RDS(ON)Bare ChipTO-263-7TO-247-3TO-247-4SOT-227
20 mΩG3R20MT17-CAL G3R20MT17K G3R20MT17N
45 mΩG3R45MT17-CAL G3R45MT17D G3R45MT17K
160 mΩG3R160MT17J G3R160MT17D
450 mΩG3R450MT17J G3R450MT17D
1000 mΩG2R1000MT17JG2R1000MT17D


On Resistance, RDS(ON)Bare ChipTO-263-7
50 mΩG2R50MT33-CAL
120 mΩG2R120MT33-CALG2R120MT33J
1000 mΩG2R1000MT33J


On Resistance, RDS(ON)Bare Chip
300 mΩG2R300MT65-CAL
325 mΩG2R325MS65-CAL
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