SiC PiN Diodes

eneSiC is developing innovative SiC ultra high voltageSiC PiN Rectifiers in the 8 kV – 15 kV Voltage Ratings. Significant advantages of these devices are:

  • 150°C operating temperatures
  • Faster turn-on and turn-off performance as compared to traditional Si devices
  • Lowest-in-class on-resistance for a given voltage and current rating
  • Lowest-in-class switching losses

GeneSiC’s Silicon Carbide PiN Rectifier:

Part No. VRRM
Package symbollink SPICE Model Compliance Availability
GA01PNS80-220 8000 2 GA01PNS80-220-SPC RoHSREACH
GA01PNS150-220 15000 1 GA01PNS150-220-SPC RoHSREACH

Bare Die available as below

Part No. VRRM
Top Metal Bottom Metal SPICE Model Availability
GA01PNS80-CAL 8000 2 Aluminum (Al) Gold (Au) GA01PNS80-CAL-SPC
GA01PNS80-CAU 8000 2 Gold (Au) Gold (Au) GA01PNS80-CAU-SPC
GA01PNS100-CAL 10000 2 Aluminum (Al) Gold (Au) GA01PNS100-CAL-SPC
GA01PNS100-CAU 10000 2 Gold (Au) Gold (Au) GA01PNS100-CAU-SPC
GA01PNS150-CAU 15000 2 Gold (Au) Gold (Au) GA01PNS150-CAU-SPC