SiC Thyristors

GeneSiC’s Silicon Carbide Thyristors:

Part No. VFBM
Package Symbol Availability
GA040TH65 6500 40 3 11 200
GA060TH65 6500 60 3 15 170
GA080TH65 6500 80 3 20 190

Bipolar devices like SiC basedPiNs and Thyristors (for example, Gate Turn Off GTO-Thyristors) made with SiC offer 20-50X lower switching losses as compared to conventional semiconductors, and lower on-state voltage drop for >6 kV ratings. The opportunity of operating a device at a higher current density to increase total current with reasonable yield, the poor reliability of MOS at high temperatures, and the relatively low channel mobilities obtained in SiC MOSFETs may make Thyristor-based devices attractive for >6 kV applications.

GeneSiC SiC Thyristor High Voltage