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For more information about the Little Box Challenge presented by Google and the IEEE Power Electronics Society. please visit: Semicoductor Digikey

State-Of-the Art. Silicon Carbide Power Transistors & Rectifiers. Available. Now!Mouser GeneSiC Semiconductor

GeneSiC has a wide portfolio of products available right now worldwide from top distributors

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Discrete SJTs and Rectifiers in Commercial temperature ratings (175° C)logo_arrowglob

Discrete HiT SJTs and HiT Rectifiers in High Temperature (up to 210° C)Newark Farnell Premier Element 14 GeneSiC Semiconductor

GeneSiC offers the widest variety of SiC products – in packaged products as well as bare-die format to allow greater design flexibility and innovation. GeneSiC is continuously striving to stay ahead by introducing new, innovative products. If you don’t see the exact product you are looking for today, you may see it in the near future.

GeneSiC’s SiC Junction Transistor offers key advantages to achieve the highest Power Density HiT_SJTachievable!

  • Normally-OFF, MOS/Oxide-free High Temperature Operation: SJTs are super-high current gain BJTs that offer normally-OFF behavior even as high as 500°C with near-theoretical leakage currents possible from Silicon Carbide
  • Low Conduction loss: SJTs offer near-theoretical Ron,sp Silicon Carbide can offer
  • Short Circuit Capable: GeneSiC SiC SJTs offer Square RBSOA and Short Circuit Times >20μsec – the highest of any widebandgap device
  • High Avalanche Energies: GeneSiC SiC SJTs offer robust performance with high avalanche ratings
  • Ability to be driven at TTL signal levels: GeneSiC SiC SJTs can be driven with standard SJT_genericTTL signal levels (+5/0V/-5V). Low Voltage Gate swings makes it possible for SJTs to be driven by CMOS transistors, and the ability to achieve extremely high frequencies
  • Low switching loss:  GeneSiC SiC SJTs offer extremely high-speed, majority-carrier performance which feature less turn-on and turn-off switching loss than silicon IGBTs and superjunction MOSFETs
  • IGBT-like No anti-parallel Diode: SJTs do not have an inherent anti-parallel body diode, that allows high performance SiC Schottky Diodes to be used in anti-parallel configuration, and exploit its high switching speed performance. This is especially attractive in boost configurationssot227
  • Low Output Capacitance: GeneSiC SiC SJTs feature extremely low input and output capacitances (CISS/COSS). High switching frequencies are possible with minimal gate drive loss and auxiliary power supply requirements because of these properties. Low COSS enables a designer to push zero-voltage-switched and resonant system topologies to much higher frequencies than previously possible.
  • Low thermal Resistance:  GeneSiC SJTs exploit the high thermal conductivity and extremely low intrinsic carrier concentration of Silicon Carbide, making them capable of operating reliably at higher junction temperature than conventional silicon power devices. Bare Die ChipThis capability enables reduced cooling system requirements.

GeneSiC’s SiC Schottky Rectifiers offer industry-leading features

  • Zero reverse recovery:  GeneSiC SiC Schottky diodes feature zero reverse recovery, which can be a major source of power loss and EMI emissions in hard-switched topologies. Our diodes exhibit a purely capacitive turn-off behavior. The total capacitive charge is small which enables higher switching frequencies.
  • Low VF Ratings/Low Qc: GeneSiC SiC Schottky diodes offer low on-state voltage drops AllRectifiers_lowand industry’s lowest junction capacitances that make low switching losses and high efficiency circuit operation possible
  • High Temperature Operation: GeneSiC’s Schottky Diodes are designed/fabricated to offer the lowest leakage currents at high temperatures up to 300°C
  • Industry’s widest Ratings and packaging options: GeneSiC offerings Schottky Diodes at 1200 V at 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 A ratings; and industry’s first 3300 V Schottky diode. These are also offered in “true-2lead” SMB, DPAK, TO-220 and TO-247 packages

Reliability, Quality and Support

With a strong supplier like GeneSiC, you can be assured to get Reliability, Product Support, accurate and dependable SPICE Models (on product pages), deep technical understanding, reputable trade journal coverage, and environmental compliance.

GeneSiC Brand

What does it take to increase the power density in a Power Electronics Inverter?

  • Higher Voltages: Reduces Current, which reduces Copper losses
  • Higher Operating Frequencies: Reduces the Size of Inductors/Capacitors/Transformers
  • Higher Operating Temperatures: Reduced Thermal Management mass, increased thermal dissipation
  • Ability to use new circuit topologies: Reduced Component Counts
  • Flexible Drive Methods:  Allows System simplicity
  • Increased Modularity/Standardization: Reduces Size, Weight, Volume of Power Conversion Boxes, Standardizes components applicable towards a wide range of applications.

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