High Voltage, High Power (multi-kV) Devices

electric_distributionGeneSiC is targeting low on-state voltage drop Silicon Carbide (SiC) power devices with 2-15 kV, 200°C, 20 kHz ratings as a key enabling technology for next generation advanced utility and military hardware.

GeneSiC products relevant for these applications:

Limitations of >4.5 kV Silicon based IGBTs in terms of dI/dt ratings, dV/dt ratings, peak voltage rating, peak switching power and turn-off switching speeds is motivating modern power device community to explore the use of higher performance devices based on SiC.

The immediate application for such devices will include electric utility, directed energy weapon systems, particle accelerators for high energy physics experiments, railbound vehicles, medical, and high power tube-based RADAR systems.

High Temperature, Radiation Hard Power Transistors and Rectifiers

vs_directorateGeneSiC is developing 600-1700 V power transistors and rectifier products for Aerospace, Hybrid electric vehicle and Oil drilling applications that require power hungry control, communications, computing, propulsion and health monitoring systems. Power circuit elements required to process power between the energy generation/storage point and consumption point in these systems are:

  • AC-DC rectifier and power factor correction (PFC) circuits;
  • Battery chargers;
  • DC-DC converters;
  • DC-AC inverters for motor control applications;
  • Un-interruptible power supply (UPS) systems, and
  • Frequency changers.

Temperature robustness and radiation-hard properties of GeneSiC’s devices allows these circuit elements to operate under extreme temperature and high radiation environments. The low on-state and switching losses of GeneSiC’s devices allows much higher energy conversion efficiency, while offering a variety of features like overload/short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, synchronization, over-temperature protection and the ability to run in parallel while providing low harmonic distortion, noise and EMI emissions.

GeneSiC Products Relevant for these applications: