Conflict-free Sourcing

GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc. takes very seriously the worldwide concerns that metals mined in the conflict areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

For GeneSiC’s Conflict Free Sourcing Statement, please click GENESIC CONFLICT-FREE STATEMENT.

REACH Compliance

GeneSiC Semiconductor is supportive of the scope and direction of REACH which is to promote and progress the protection of human health and the environment through careful examination of the properties of chemical substances.

For GeneSiC’s REACH Compliance Statement, please click GENESIC REACH STATEMENT

ROHS Compliance

GeneSiC Semiconductor is devoted to supply information about the substances in its products as required and will be quick to respond to future environmental directives to be certain we can support our customer requirements.

For GeneSiC’s ROHS Compliance Statement, please click GENESIC ROHS STATEMENT

Tin Whisker Report for DO-214, TO-252, TO-220 and TO-247 packaged parts

GeneSiC’s DO-214, TO-252, TO-220, TO-247 packaged parts meet the highest standards of Tin-Whisker avoidance.

Tin-Whisker Report