High Temperature SiC Junction Transistors

GeneSiC is offering and continuously improving a new innovative power device, the Silicon Carbide Junction Transistor (SJT). High Temperature SJTs are “Super-High” current gain SiC BJTs being developed by GeneSiC using high temperature packaging in the 650 V – 1200V ratings. The SJTs are gate-oxide free, normally-off, quasi-majority carrier devices with a square reverse biased safe operation area (RBSOA) and a slightly positive temperature co-efficient of on-resistance. The SJT is a current controlled device require a small gate current that can be driven by commercial, commonly available gate drivers. Incorporating high voltage, high frequency and high-temperature capable SiC SJTs will increase conversion efficiency and reduce the size/weight/volume of power electronics.

  • Normally-OFF
  • Compatible with standard MOSFET/IGBT DriversHigh Temperature SiC Transistors
  • Compatible with anti-parallel diode connection
  • Low Gate Capacitance
  • Best in class temperature independent switching and blocking performance
  • Positive coefficient for easy paralleling
  • Low gate charge
  • Lowest switching losses for power switches AND low EMI
  • Highest On-Current SiC Switch

Our High Temperature SiC Junction Transistor Products:

*To view our standard temperature (175C) Commercial SiC Junction Transistors click here.

Part No. VDS
Package Designation Symbol SPICE Model Compliance Availability
2N7635-GA 600 425 10 110 TO-257 2N7635-GA-SPC RoHSREACH
2N7636-GA 600 425 10 110 SMD0.5/TO-276 2N7636-GA-SPC RoHSREACH
2N7637-GA 600 170 20 110 TO-257 2N7637-GA-SPC RoHSREACH
2N7638-GA 600 180 20 110 SMD0.5/TO-276 2N7638-GA-SPC RoHSREACH
2N7639-GA 600 60 32 80 TO-257 2N7639-GA-SPC RoHSREACH
2N7640-GA 600 60 32 80 SMD0.5/TO-276 2N7640-GA-SPC RoHSREACH
GA05JT01-46 100 240 9 110 TO-46 GA05JT01-46-SPC RoHSREACH
GA05JT03-46 300 240 9 110 TO-46 GA05JT03-46-SPC RoHSREACH
GA50JT06-258 600 25 100 100 TO-258 GA50JT06-258-SPC RoHSREACH