All-SiC and Si IGBT + SiC Rectifier Copack

In addition to the All-SiC Co-packaged products, GeneSiC has develped hybrid Silicon IGBT with Silicon Carbide Rectifiers and modules. GeneSiC uses the latest generation of low-loss IGBTs and pair them with our Silicon Carbide diodes. Replacing the traditional Silicon Freewheeling Diode (FWD) with Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifiers offers revolutionary switching performance. These improvements will usher in a new era in power conversion applications.

Advantages of GeneSiC designs include:SiC Transistors Co-pack Half Bridge SOT227

  • Zero diode reverse recovery loss independent of collector current IC and TJ
  • Reduces total inverter module losses
  • Reduces pole deadtime & deadtime compensation for lower current distortion
  • Size and weight reduction – High frequency operation capability
  • High efficiency and low loss – High reliability at high temperature
  • Cooling requirement reduction – Magnetic filter size reduction due to high frequency

All-SiC Copack Products:

Part No. VDS
Package Symbol SPICE Model Compliance Availabilty
GA10SICP12-247 1200 100 25 100 10 GA10SICP12-247-SPC RoHSREACH
GA10SICP12-263 1200 100 25 80 10 GA10SICP12-263-SPC RoHSREACH
GA20SICP12-247 1200 50 45 100 15 GA20SICP12-247-SPC RoHSREACH
GA20SICP12-263 1200 50 45 80 15 GA20SICP12-263-SPC RoHSREACH
GA50SICP12-227 1200 20 80 100 35 GA50SICP12-227-SPC RoHSREACH
GA100SICP12-227 1200 10 160 85 40 GA100SICP12-227-SPC RoHSREACH

Gate Driver Boards compatible with these SJT devices:

Gate Driver boards are offered which enable efficient switching of SJT devices. These boards are designed to offer the low Eon/Eoff, and low continuous driver losses. GeneSiC strives to make all components/Board Layouts/Gerber files freely available/downloadable, so that end-users can incorporate these gate drivers into their main boards or get the boards fabricated themselves. There might be better/cheaper boards realized by customers.

Part No. Drive Topology VIN
Package Gerber Files Availability
GA03IDDJT30-FR4 High-Speed, Low Power, Boost Capacitor 12 3000 5000 5
GA15IDDJT22-FR4 High Speed, High Power, Boost Capacitor 12 0 5000 27

Evaluation Boards

Evaluation boards are offered to analyze and benchmark SiC devices

Part No. Description Vmax
Compatibility Package Availability
GA100SBJT12-FR4 Double-Pulse Switching Board for fast switches 1200 100 SiC and Silicon Switches

Silicon IGBT/SiC Freewheeling Diode Products:

Part No. VCES
Package SPICE Model Compliance Availabilty
GA35XCP12-247 1200 35 3 GA35XCP12-247-SPC RoHSREACH
GB100XCP12-227 1200 100 1 GB100XCP12-227-SPC RoHSREACH