SiC Junction Transistors

SJT GeneSiC Junction TransistorGeneSiC is offering and continuously improving a new innovative power device, the Silicon Carbide Junction Transistor (SJT). SJTs are “Super-High” current gain SiC BJTs being developed by GeneSiC in 1200 V – 10 kV ratings. The SJTs are gate-oxide free, normally-off, quasi-majority carrier devices with a square reverse biased safe operation area (RBSOA) and a slightly positive temperature coefficient of on-resistance. The SJT is a current controlled device require a small gate current that can be driven by commercial, commonly available gate drivers. Incorporating high voltage, high frequency and high-temperature capable SiC SJTs will increase conversion efficiency and reduce the size/weight/volume of power electronics.

  • Normally-OFF
  • Compatible with standard MOSFET/IGBT Drivers
  • Compatible with anti-parallel diode connection
  • Low Gate Capacitance
  • Best in class temperature independent switching and blocking performance
  • Positive coefficient for easy paralleling
  • Low gate charge
  • Lowest switching losses for power switches AND low EMI
  • Highest On-Current SiC Switch

Our SiC Junction Transistor Products rated at 175°C:

Part No. VDS
Package SPICE Model Compliance Availability
GA03JT12-247 1200 470 3 54 GA03JT12-247-SPC RoHSREACH
GA05JT12-263 1200 180 15 80 GA05JT12-263-SPC RoHSREACH
GA05JT12-247 1200 180 15 102 GA05JT12-247-SPC RoHSREACH
GA06JT12-247 1200 200 6 54 GA06JT12-247-SPC RoHSREACH
GA10JT12-263 1200 100 25 80 GA10JT12-263-SPC RoHSREACH
GA10JT12-247 1200 100 25 98 GA10JT12-247-SPC RoHSREACH
GA20JT12-263 1200 50 45 80 GA20JT12-263-SPC RoHSREACH
GA20JT12-247 1200 50 45 96 GA20JT12-247-SPC RoHSREACH
GA50JT12-247 1200 20 100 104 GA50JT12-247-SPC RoHSREACH
GA04JT17-247 1700 180 15 102 GA04JT17-247-SPC RoHSREACH
GA08JT17-247 1700 230 8 60 GA08JT17-247-SPC RoHSREACH
GA16JT17-247 1700 50 45 96 GA16JT17-247-SPC RoHSREACH
GA50JT17-247 1700 20 100 104 GA50JT17-247-SPC RoHSREACH
GA100JT12-227 1200 10 160 104 GA100JT12-227-SPC RoHSREACH

*If you’re looking for GeneSiC’s SJT offerings for >225 C ratings, please click: High Temperature SiC Junction Transistors

Gate Driver Boards compatible with these SJT devices:

Gate Driver boards are offered which enable efficient switching of SJT devices. These boards are designed to offer the low Eon/Eoff, and low continuous driver losses. GeneSiC strives to make all components/Board Layouts/Gerber files freely available/downloadable, so that end-users can incorporate these gate drivers into their main boards or get the boards fabricated themselves. There might be better/cheaper boards realized by customers.

Part No. Drive Topology VIN
Package Gerber Files Availability
GA03IDDJT30-FR4 High-Speed, Boost Capacitor 12 3000 6000 5
GA15IDDJT22-FR4 High Speed, Boost Inductor 12 3000 6000 5

Evaluation Boards

Evaluation boards are offered to analyze and benchmark SiC devices

Part No. Description Vmax
Compatibility Package Gerber Files Availability
GA100SBJT12-FR4 Double-Pulse SJT Switching Board 1200 100 20-240 (mΩ) SiC SJTs